Sunday, April 25, 2010

Altered Vintage Photo Swap

So I came up with my concept for the Altered Vintage Photo Swap that I am hosting.  Here is the sample from the back of my page, the front page, is coming along.

I really like how this turned out   The background is a bill of sale from Samuel Webster's farm, and the couple no clue who they are but I am calling them Samuel & Eugenia Webster, see how happy they are in love with all 8 of there dear children rumor has it that they are not all his. hehehehe!



  1. I can barely stop laughing!!! Sam & Genia are not quite the model of matrimonial bliss. I totally love your page (back.)

  2. Wow, Jason, if that's the BACK, can't wait to see what you do with the front! It is vintage and it is funny, so of course, I love it. Being as I am both vintage and funny.

  3. Hello Jason,

    great backgroundpage ! I love all the children in the photostrip. How did you do the broken heart ? I looks dimensional...
    I'm working on my pages too : one can never be too early :)

    greetings from belgium

  4. the hear is adhered to the page with a double layer of pop dots