Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A new tage inspired from Totally Tim Class from Sunday 2/21/10

A tag I created inspired by sticky back canvas transfer. However LSS was out of sticky back canvas, so I thought to myself . . . hmmm cheese cloth, so I was able to get Claudine Hellmuth's multi medium, slabbed it on the cheesecloth and viola. The numbers are from Tim's stamp set "oranate collages" adhered to a fragment.

I will get pics of the two tags that we created in the class shortly.


  1. Hello Jason,

    this is a real "pinky " girl tag :)
    It would be perfect for my friend : these are really her colors.

    I enlarged the picture to see more about the effect of the cheesecloth and the multimedium of Claudine Hellmut,but I don't know what exactly I have to expect.
    I neither know the sticky back canvas transfer, nor the multimedium of Claudine and what it exactly does...
    Do you have links about these products ?

    greetings from Belgium

  2. Great tag! Love the transfer technique! Always great when you have to improv and it turns out fabulous!

  3. Cheescloth...hmmm....you are very tricky! Awesome...its beautiful!